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Custom Screen printing with logos or design is our specialty. 

In Adpro Uniforms we work 6 days a week to provide our customers with the best quality product, service and turnaround time.

With 99% customer satisfaction rate and 15 years track records of hitting rush

T-Shirts deadlines, we are trusted by hundreds of businesses nationwide.


Screen printing is great for orders 36+ or bulk t shirt printing into the thousands.

Our experienced team of in-house screen printers take pride in print quality and consistently achieving great results! This means our prices remain very competitive against rival t shirt printing companies and we can achieve fast turnaround times.

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Screen Printing Guidelines

The best and most usable artwork is called Vector Art, which is completely scalable and transfers to screen printing the best.

File Formats (in order of preference)

  • Adobe Illustrator files that were originally created as vector files and end in .ai

  • Vector files saved as a PDF and end in .pdf

  • Vector files saved as Encapsulated Post Script files and end in .eps

Other formats that can work but must be at least 200 dpi and can use only 2 colors

  • .jpg and .jpeg

  • .psd

  • .gif

Most rasterized graphics such as bitmaps will NOT work. Other file types that generally will NOT work:

  • Word Documents

  • Files of less then 200 dpi

  • Files that were originally less then 200 dpi and were then “up sampled” to 200 dpi. Up sampling is when you try to make a small or low resolution image bigger or increase the resolution. This will generally lead to pixelated and blurry images.

  • Vector files in Corel Draw (.cdr) will need to be converted to Adobe Illustrator files. You can do this by exporting the Corel Draw files as an .eps file

Graphics of this type will likely need to recreated and require some graphic design time

Production time is 10 to 15 business days after customer approval.

If you need a graphic design for your project, our Graphic design department can help you to create a new design for you.

Get the most out of your print with these

graphic guidelines for screen printing

In order to guarantee quality printing, we need to have quality artwork. Check out these graphic guidelines for screen printing to help you get the most out of your artwork.

Vector in PDF
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We have the highest quality, 15 colour, multi-head Barudan embroidery machines. It’s capable of producing excellent close-stitched designs that you’ll be blown away by.

Want to give your garments a premium look and feel?

Standard turn around time for embroidery is 10 to 15 business days; this is the time period begins when all blank goods have been received at our shop and final art files have been approved for the customer.

uniforms, workwear, such as polo shirts, sweaters and hoodies, where a premium look and durability is a must.

We can also fulfil short or long run orders for other items, such as hats, aprons and shirts.

Embroidery Guideline

AI / JPG / PNG / PDF files are suitable for embroidery.

Embroidery is a process where we take your artwork and scan it for digitization. This will convert your design into stitches, specifying the stitch count and separating the individual colours.

The higher the resolution of your file the better your embroidery result will be.

It is important that we confirm sizes and artwork of the embroidery before digitizing as any modifications will incur extra cost.

The colours of threads have the equivalent match to Pantone colours but they are not exactly the same. We will carefully select and proof you with an accurate representation of the colour stitch you will receive for approval.

Embroidery Placement Guide

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Adpro Uniforms. offers complete graphic design services, including Digitizing, print design and logo design at affordable prices. Since 2004, we have been delivering professional, high-quality graphic design services to major corporations, small businesses, and non-profit organizations all across the United States.

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, we are proud of our ability to combine our years of graphic design experience, educational background & creativity, with our ability to bond with our client's graphic design needs to achieve professional results - a design image that will become your "trademark" that your clients will identify you and your business.


We have helped clients from the large commercial and corporate business looking for a dependable, creative graphic design company, to the small start up company needing a logo.

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